Sarmys Premium

Sarmys is a premium, clean, creative and multipurpose WordPress theme with an elegant futuristic design and with powerful features. The theme is dedicated to creative startups, photo blogging, graphic designers and many other creative and artistic domains. You can use it for blogging and for showcasing your portfolio as well. Sarmys has a full-width header image, clean futuristic concept and beautifully designed elements.


Upgrading from FREE to PRO

Through Dashboard:

Manual Installation:

Installing PRO

Through Dashboard:

Manual Installation:

Getting Started

Custom Header Image

The recomended image size is 2560 px x 1440 px.

Header General Settings

Customize ▸ Header Elements ▸ General

Here you can enable / disable header for differents templates ( front page, blog page, templates, single post, single page )

Header Appearance Settings:

Customize ▸ Header Elements ▸ Appearance

Customize options like Height, Mask color, Mask Transparency, Background Color, Vertical Alignment, Horizontal Alignment.

Customize ▸ Header Elements ▸ Headline

Change or remove header headline text and select the color.

Customize ▸ Header Elements ▸ Description Settings

Change or remove header description text and select the color.

Customize ▸ Header Elements ▸ First and Second Button Settings

Enable or disable the button. Change Button text, description, url, color, transparency and other settings

Multiple Custom Headers

You can customize the header for each page and post. The post or page thumbnail is used as header image.

Supported Templates:

Layouts Settings

Customize ▸ Layout

Here you customize the general page layout. You can select which sidebar will be shown and select the page layout.

The settings are available for each of the following sections:

You can also overwrite the general Layout options for ind Posts and Pages with the custom settings ( on edit page meta box "Layout" ).

Blog and Single Post Settings

Customize ▸ Blog

You can select the Blog Items Display View. There are three types of views you can select from: Classic, Grid, Portfolio also available for Archive, Search, Tags, Categories, Author and other archive pages.

Also here you can select what elements will be shown in the item descrition.

Customize ▸ Single Post

Here you can customize what ellements to be shown in the Single Post description (comments, categories, author, date/time, number of views, tags and author details)

Customize ▸ Single Page

Here you can customize what ellements to be shown in the Single Post description ( comments, author, date/time, number of views )

Sidebar Manager

You can customize number of columns for the next areas:

Also you can customize Sidebars Appearance like space between widgets, sidebar inner space and background colors.

Custom Content Sidebar builder allows building unlimited number of content sidebars and this feature together with Layout Settings and Custom Layout Settings allow you customize the layout for each post or page.

Category custom color

Customize ▸ Categories

You can select an individual color for each category.

Comments section

Customize ▸ Comments

Support for DISQUS Comments Form, Facebook Comments Form and Classic WordPress Comments Form.

Social Settings ( 29 + RSS )

Customize ▸ Social

You have a wide range of social icons you have to choose from to be shown in the footer. Just add the link in the text area and they will automaticaly show. If you want the icon removed just delete the text and leave the text area blank.

Theme Typography

Customize ▸ Typography

Sarmys theme has typography support using Easy Google Fonts plugin. In order to use this feature please check to have the plugin activated. You can configure Default theme typography as well as allready created fonts controls. You can create custom font controls on the google fonts screen in the settings section.

Customize ▸ Typography ▸ Default Typography

Here you can customize default theme typography controls.

Customize ▸ Typography ▸ Theme Typography

Any custom font controls that you have created for your website will appear in this section. To create more controls visit the google fonts screen in the settings section.

Full copyright Control

Customize ▸ Others ▸ Copyright

Here you can change the Website Content Copyright fiels and Author Theme Copyright field.

Footer Menu

Customize ▸ Menus

You have the option to set a menu for the footer section.

Footer sidebar

Customize ▸ Widgets

Unlimited widgets ranged from 2 to 4 collumns.

Create sidebars and select them to be displayed in the Footer Light Side or Footer Dark Side

Inside of the Sidebar the widgets will be arranged in 4 columns. You can change the number of columns from Admin Dashboard › Zeon › Sidebars

Also you have custom widgets as Post Meta[sarmys], Post Tags[sarmys], Post Categories[sarmys]